Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Design Design Designs! Selection 016

L’AtelierPierre Hardy Colorama

Marià Castelló Martínez - Casa 8x8 - FormenteraPARROT SPEAKERS BY STARCKLasercut OrnamentsOMA and a mega project in Persian gulfLe Coq Sportif Concept ShopFurni Toddland
Matchbox CityInsidehouse & OutsidehouseIT-Fornebu Portalbuilding by A-labInternational Conference Center in Ouagadougou by CAAUKeil stool by Daniel Heer
School extension in Tarrega / NUG Arquitectes
The Aerialist Series by Objeti
Como loft by JM Architecturecai guo qiang: hanging out in the museum
Day Care Center for BENETTON in Ponzano / Italy by Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza
Zagreb Pavilion / njiric+ arhitekti

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