Monday, December 14, 2009

Design Design Designs! Selection 034

Casa 11 MujeresDochodo Zoo Island is an Eden at SeaShigenobu Twilight

nabito architects: domus aquae - thermal complex club, rome
Led Action Facade / Langarita Navarro Arquitectosvanessa harden: mouse assisted interplay
Torre Avianca / Construcciones PlanificadasPlaza del Torico / b720La Mola Conference Centre / b720
‘RD Legs’ chair by Richard Liddle
KvD House by Grosfeld van der Velde ArchitectsHennessy Eternal Ice Drop by 5.5 DesignersMulti-Level Parking Voestalpine by Xarchitektenbagway
twist portable espresso machine
‘N NE E SE S SO O NO’ by H├ęctor Zamorapugh and scarpa architects: cherokee lofts
ball-nogues studio at shenzhen hong kong biennale 09
Dark Side oh the MoonLulamae pop-up by Breathe ArchitectureQuote/Unquote BookendsS.OS by Felipe Ribon

Reverence Modern White Coffee Table
anarchitecture by tercerunquinto at shenzhen hong kong biennale 09
Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel

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